MOUF range

Ultrafiltration provides macro-modular separation to remove colloids, particles, large organics and microbiological contaminates. 

We offer a flexible flow-rate mobile ultrafiltration asset to meet your requirements. These assets are available within a container, which may be delivered either as a wheel or non-wheel-based solution. The technology uses membrane filters and is most commonly used for industrial process water, borehole water, and recycling/reuse water. 

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Typical Applications

Removal of contaminants such as suspended solids, particles, and colloidal matter that can clog equipment, interfere with chemical reactions, and reduce process efficiency.

Ensuring a consistent quality of feed water entering the RO system. This stability leads to more predictable RO performance and higher-quality permeate.

Providing a consistent feed water quality to desalination equipment, helping maintain stable operation and optimal performance.

Ensuring effective TSS removal and effluent polishing, even in response to changing conditions. The asset can be deployed to different points within a wastewater treatment plant or at various stages of the discharge process.

Providing a flexible, real-time testing environment for assessing system performance, optimizing treatment parameters, validating designs, and ensuring compliance.

Success Story

Our customer annually produces over 2.1 million tonnes of sustainable products, including sugar, animal feed, and electricity. They’ve invested in the UK’s first bioethanol plant, modified to produce advanced biofuels with up to 10% bioethanol content. A new ultra-filtration system, capable of treating 100m³/h of condensate 24/7 during campaigns from March to September, was required.

Opting for a cost-effective solution, the customer chose to rent the plant under a 7-year agreement with MWS. Our package included two automatic 200µm pre-filter screens, re-pressurization pumps, and two 50 m³/h ultra-filtration systems. This arrangement ensured reliability and cost-efficiency for the project, with ongoing maintenance and service provided by our technical operations teams throughout the agreement period.

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