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In a world where clean water is often taken for granted, the value of this essential resource is underestimated. With increasing pressures on water quantity and quality, a fundamental reevaluation is imperative—ecologically, socially, economically, and technologically. This is where the Saur Group’s initiative, Mission Water, takes the stage—a movement to restore water’s rightful place as a life-sustaining force and to ensure universal access.

Ready to channel your skills into a rewarding journey? As part of NSI Mobile Water Solutions (Nijhuis Saur Industries), you’re poised to contribute actively to Mission Water’s goals. Our job openings offer a chance to tangibly impact the restoration of water’s significance. Join us as a key player in this transformative pursuit. Explore roles, delve into Mission Water, and connect directly.

Together, let’s make a difference—one drop at a time.

Current opportunities at NSI Mobile Water Solutions

A warm, responsible, entrepreneurial culture

Upon engaging with us, an impressive 80% of job applicants aspire to join one of the many divisions and brands of the Saur Group.

This is because of our welcoming, responsible, and dynamic company culture. We not only listen attentively to our client’s needs, tailoring every proposal to their specific requirements, but we also prioritize being responsive to our employees and fostering a sense of unity like a family among colleagues.


Robert Stancombe

Business Development Manager, NSI Mobile Water Solutions, UK

There’s a good chance that NSI Mobile Water Solutions is the right place for you if you want rewarding and challenging work as well as intellectually stimulating work. Having the privilege of being a member of such a highly professional and friendly team makes me very proud.

A world of opportunities

Our European presence, dynamic mobility policy, and connections with Nijhuis Saur Industries (Saur Group) offer a pathway to international career opportunities.


new Saur employees in 2021


Current open positions



Marek Zajac

Commissioning Engineer, Poland

If I ask myself a question about what makes NSI Mobile Water Solution the right place to work, I answer they are the challenges that make each day different, cultural diversity that makes the team stronger, and above all, the team that gives support for each task.

Elevate your career at NSI Mobile Water Solutions

Join NSI Mobile Water Solutions, where values steer success. With a dedication to Service Excellence, we offer top-notch solutions for clients. Our unswerving Professionalism infuses expertise into every task. Teamwork sparks innovation at our core. Effective Communication drives understanding and meets client needs. External Focus connects us with evolving challenges, inspiring lasting impact.

Come be a part of our team, embracing these values and unlocking your potential.


Arezoo De Rijk-Arjangi

Business Development Manager, Netherlands

We are a family with the same passion for water and service to our clients. I’m really proud to be part of this team.

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