Next-Gen Mobile Water Treatment Technologies

Our team excels in designing water treatment solutions that cater to your unique needs. This ensures uninterrupted business operations for thousands of companies daily.

Choose from an extensive portfolio of modern plug-and-play mobile water and wastewater treatment technologies, pre-packaged on trailers, skids, and containers, all meticulously developed to optimize available space. With flow rates ranging from 1 m³/h to 1,000 m³/h, our high-quality rental assets, stand ready for your utilization. Explore our selection of Exchangeable Media vessels, mobile containers, and pumps to discover the perfect fit for your operational site.

Secure your continuity of operations 24/7, 365 days a year

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Mobile water technologies for every requirement

Mobile water treatment systems designed to deliver premium-quality water for industrial applications and processes. Technologies include: Reverse Osmosis, Ultrafiltration, Deionization, Filtration, Softening, Clarification, Degassing, and more – providing versatile options to complement or even replace your existing fixed treatment infrastructure.

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Safeguard industrial water resources, maintain operational compliance, and enhance water supply with our mobile wastewater treatment and reuse systems. Technologies include: Flotation/Flocculation, Filtration, Sludge Dewatering, Reverse Osmosis, and Ultrafiltration – offering flexible choices to enhance or potentially substitute your current setup.

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Discover the potential of mobile water treatment technologies for your site

Designed to support resilience and sustainable growth

Ensure production continuity on the path to zero downtime

Sustained treated water production through emergencies and scheduled operations

Responsive solutions for meeting increased production needs

Advanced technologies operated in parallel and/or series for high-volume treated (waste)water production

Enhance plant operations and lifecycle efficiency

Guaranteed water quality to enhance productive uptime and optimize equipment lifespan

Uphold and unlock your license to operations

Diverse mobile water technologies to aid compliance with local regulations and prevent environmental crises

Secure expert support every step of the way

Full technical and operational support throughout the rental agreement

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Sustainable off-site regeneration

In addition to numerous depots and service centers across Europe, NSI Mobile Water Solutions operates three facilities in France, Germany, and the UK dedicated to the regeneration of ion exchange resins.

Off-site resin regeneration cuts on-site chemical handling for plant managers. Our Ion Exchange rental model recycles spent resins and water treatment assets, saving industrial site investments. This offers economic and eco-friendly solutions by optimizing shared asset resources.

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