Emergency Water
Treatment Service

In the event of unforeseen short-term plant failures, Mobile Water Solutions’ emergency service offers immediate 24/7/365 coverage, ensuring the continuity of your core operations, minimizing costly downtimes, and reducing production losses.

At MWS, we understand the critical importance of keeping your business operational and managing downtimes to safeguard your company’s reputation. Developed through over 25 years of on-site projects, our mobile pre-engineered solutions are designed to allow prompt intervention within two hours of your call (depending on your plant’s location) and easy installation thanks to their plug-and-play design.

Discover how to protect your plant against unexpected downtime

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Your first-aid water treatment solution

Your first-aid water treatment solution

24/7 on-call support for any unexpected plant events

Anywhere in a matter of hours

With numerous depots across Europe, we can deploy the appropriate resources for your site in a few hours

Flexible agreement for your peace of mind

'Pay-as-you-go' contract with the flexibility to adjust its duration and type according to your specific needs

Comprehensive service solution

Complete end-to-end solutions with a range of containerized tanks, pumps, and accessories

Seamless operation from start to finish

We provide transport and logistics, process knowledge, training, and ongoing support

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Our Emergency response in action

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Designed to face your daily water threats