MOFI and MODF range

Utilized for producing drinking or process water, filtration methods treat ground, surface, or wastewater through mesh screening, media filtration, and membrane filtration, effectively eliminating solids and contaminants, including PFAS, ensuring water safety and quality.

Explore our offerings: the MOFI range features skid-mounted carbon or stainless steel pressure units, usable with various media such as ion exchange, filtration, and carbon adsorption. These are available with bag or cartridge filter setups. The MODF range includes stainless steel disc-and-drum filters, available on skid mounts or trailers. These adapt with diverse filtration screens for various applications, providing an efficient, flexible treatment solution with a small footprint.

Discover the benefits of mobile filtration for your plant, including PFAS removal

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Typical Applications

Ensuring a continuous supply of treated water for all emergency scenarios, such as control failures and defective equipment.

Ensuring the quality and suitability of water used in different manufacturing, production, and operational processes such as the removal of suspended solids, pre-treatment, cooling water systems, or wastewater pre-treatment.

Removing impurities, particles, and contaminants in the condensate prevents contamination, improves boiler efficiency, and extends the equipment lifecycle.

Helping operators stay prepared for sudden changes and maintain operational continuity when vulnerable to water quality fluctuations.

Achieving the required water quality standards before releasing treated water into the environment by removing remaining particles and solids.

Use of separation media such as granular-activated carbon and anion exchange resins.

Success Story

Located by the Mediterranean, the client faced sea water contamination in their processes and needed a mobile unit for demineralized water production (40 to 75 m³/h) to offset condensate loss from sea water pollution. 

They turned to MWS for a temporary solution to rehabilitate demineralization chains at their Southern France steel site. The setup included a pump MOPS 140/6i, a filtration asset MOFI 3×60, a reverse osmosis MORO 4X25T double pass, and two MOFI 1200 filtration units, with an emergency response service for prompt fault intervention. The result: sustained 80 m³/h capacity and quick on-site mobilization.

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