Water clarification is a crucial process in water treatment that involves removing suspended particles, impurities, and turbidity from water to make it clearer and safer for various uses. This process is typically used in drinking water treatment plants, wastewater treatment facilities, and industrial processes.

We offer a selection of advanced high-flow-rate clarification technologies leveraging micro sand ballasted flocs. This innovative approach integrates coagulation, flocculation, and lamella settlement phases into a single, space-efficient processing unit. Our system offers rapid start-up and shutdown capabilities, demonstrating remarkable prowess in accommodating fluctuations in flow and load. This results in elevated settling rates.

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Typical Applications

Ensuring effective removal of suspended particles, turbidity, pathogens, and contaminants from the water. This results in improved water quality that meets or exceeds regulatory standards for safe drinking water.

Providing effective solutions to enhance the quality of treated wastewater before its discharge into the environment or its reuse for various purposes.

Capturing tertiary solid, reducing residual microorganisms, and removing fine particles and phosphorus to produce a clearer effluent.

Removal of dissolved and suspended organic matter, nutrients, and contaminants that need to be managed before final disposal or reuse

Providing temporary or supplementary treatment capacity, testing capabilities, and process optimization to enhance wastewater treatment efficiency and reliability.

Removing suspended solids, colloids, turbidity, organic matter, and other contaminants to safeguard the integrity of RO membranes, improve overall RO efficiency, and ensure consistent high-quality treated water production.

Removing contaminants to improve water quality, ensure compliance with regulations, and contribute to minimizing environmental impacts and protecting public health.

Success Story

The client is an agri-food enterprise specializing in the processing and distribution of edible oils, fats, margarines, and semi-finished ingredients for food production, notably in the confectionery sector.

Our solution involved emergency coagulation, flocculation, and settling, upfront a demineralization plant, due to a previous flawed installation by a competitor.

We provided a 100 m³/h clarification unit, ensuring swift setup and effective MES treatment achieving < 2ppm, thus delivering immediate operational advantages.

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