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We provide a variety of mobile deionization (demineralization) solutions that use ion exchange resins to remove dissolved solids from water. Deionized water has numerous uses in production, manufacturing, and water pre-treatment. It’s also valuable for optimizing boiler and cooling tower feed to reduce chemical usage.

Our assets are available as trailer-mounted, free-standing skid-mounted pressure vessels, or exchangeable media vessels allowing for convenient transport to sites to provide a swift and efficient temporary supply of high-purity water. Additionally, we have facilities in Europe for ion exchange resin regeneration. This provides plant managers with the advantage of minimizing chemical handling on their sites and an environmentally beneficial opportunity through the recycling of spent ion exchange resins.

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Typical Applications

Ensuring a continuous supply of treated water for all emergency scenarios, such as resin bed contamination and plant failure.

Offering full replacements or partial components for various processes you might need during this interim period, catering to a wide range of applications, including resin replacement.

Providing additional volumes of make-up water required in excess of the capability of the installed plant during plant start-up. 

Supplying additional volumes of demineralized water over and above the capacity of the permanent plant due to the requirement to vent high volumes of steam to the atmosphere. 

Supporting the existing plant to ensure site production is maintained during shortages of supplies such as acid and caustic for demineralization plants.

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Success Story

Our client, a nuclear decommissioning company contracted by the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority, faced the challenge of decommissioning a UK power station that had ceased operations and was being defueled. This facility previously consumed 910 m³/day of demineralized water, which had decreased to 26 m³/day after power generation ceased. The on-site demineralization plant was oversized and costly to maintain. 

Our solution involved providing a MODI 15000T trailer-mounted mobile demineralization plant, offering ion exchange demineralization at a reduced flow rate. Once the ion exchange resins were depleted, the MODI 15000T trailer was returned to MWS’ central media regeneration station, eliminating the need for chemicals and effluent disposal. This approach reduced costs by 50% compared to operating the on-site plant and allowed for the early removal of the redundant demineralization plant, enhancing operational efficiency.

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