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Shaping the Future of Water.

Are you ready to make a meaningful impact? At NSI  Mobile Water Solutions of Nijhuis Saur Industries, we recognize the critical importance of clean water worldwide and making water available for all.

In a world threatened by water scarcity and pollution, #MissionWater takes proactive steps. We acknowledge the pressing need to reassess water’s value across ecological, social, economic, and technological dimensions.

Why Join Us? #everytalentmatters

At Nijhuis Saur Industries, we’re more than just a company; we’re a community of passionate and bold individuals committed to shaping a sustainable and resilient future. Whether you’re a master in engineering, a visionary in marketing, an expert in administration, or a service-oriented professional, there’s a place for every talent to shine in our organization. We’ve been doing this for over 120 years, serving over 140 countries.

By joining NSI Mobile Water Solutions, you’ll play a pivotal role in leading  #MissionWater. Our job openings provide an opportunity to directly contribute to restoring water’s significance, becoming a key player in this transformative journey.

Step into our world where you’re challenged to grow, learn, and unleash your full potential. Together, we’re building a future that will transform not only our company but the world. Discover your role within our organization and be part of an impactful project. Join us in closing the water loop and building a sustainable and resilient future— one drop at a time.

Become part of #MissionWater and make a real impact with us. Begin your journey to success and check out our vacancies:

Who we are

At NSI Mobile Water Solutions, we merge leading water expertise with innovation. We offer global customers the tools and systems necessary for data-driven decision-making in industrial water management and technology solutions. From removing pollutants to recovering resources, we help enhance productivity, minimize environmental impact, reduce life-cycle costs, and ensure regulatory compliance. 

Our purpose is to advocate for water’s value and through our Customer for Life approach, we support our clients worldwide with mobile water and wastewater treatment solutions and site services.

With an extensive portfolio of innovative technologies, we deliver scalable, circular solutions, fostering a more sustainable and resilient future.

Our dedication is encapsulated in our mission statement: to reduce, remove, reuse, and recover water and resources from (waste)water streams.


Robert Stancombe

Business Development Manager, NSI Mobile Water Solutions, UK

There’s a good chance that NSI Mobile Water Solutions is the right place for you if you want rewarding and challenging work as well as intellectually stimulating work. Having the privilege of being a member of such a highly professional and friendly team makes me very proud.

5 great reasons to work at Nijhuis Saur Industries:
Our promise to you

Expert, dedicated people.

At Nijhuis Saur Industries, our team of expert and dedicated individuals forms the core of our company and is integral to our future success. We firmly believe that great ideas can stem from anyone within our organization. Through hard work and dedication, making an impact is possible every day.

Create impact and contribute to critical water challenges.

At NSI, you'll make a real impact by addressing critical water challenges head-on. Our teams are constantly working on groundbreaking innovations and solutions to treat (waste)water, reclaim valuable resources, and reuse water to combat water scarcity. Together, we're dedicated to closing the water loop and ensuring water access for all.

Inclusive & cooperative culture.

With over 25 nationalities, we're passionate about bringing together people who are not only talented but also embrace diverse perspectives and backgrounds. In our community, everyone matters. Be yourself and help change the water world.

Close engagement with employees, customers, and shareholders.

At Nijhuis Saur Industries, open communication and collaboration are paramount. This closeness fosters unity, driving our collective efforts towards success.

Committed to sustainability.

Committed to sustainability, we integrate our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) into our daily operations through our Sustainability Roadmap 2021-2025. This roadmap outlines nine distinct steps, each playing a unique role in fostering a more sustainable world.

Marek Zajac

Commissioning Engineer, Poland

If I ask myself a question about what makes NSI Mobile Water Solution the right place to work, I answer they are the challenges that make each day different, cultural diversity that makes the team stronger, and above all, the team that gives support for each task.

A world of opportunities

Our European presence, dynamic mobility policy, and connections with Nijhuis Saur Industries (Saur Group) offer a pathway to international career opportunities.

New Saur employees in


Current open positions


Presence in more than 20 countries


Arezoo De Rijk-Arjangi

Business Development Manager, Netherlands

We are a family with the same passion for water and service to our clients. I’m really proud to be part of this team.

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