The Impact of Exchangeable DI Cylinder Services on Purified Water Supply

Purified water plays a pivotal role across various industries such as pharmaceuticals, laboratories, food and beverage, healthcare, and manufacturing. In addressing the imperative to enhance product quality, operational efficiency, and resource conservation, Jordan Tatton of NSI Mobile Water Solutions (Nijhuis Saur Industries) introduces a practical solution: exchangeable media cylinders. These cylinders offer a cost-effective means to ensure high-quality treated water without substantial upfront investments or on-site chemical provision.

Traditionally, high-quality water production relies on ion exchange (IX) technologies, utilising resins to eliminate dissolved ions. While ion exchange is pivotal for larger-scale water purification needs, it presents challenges for smaller quantities of deionised water, leading to increased costs and inefficiencies. This prompts the need for more tailored and cost-effective solutions.

Exchangeable DI Cylinders - A Reliable and Versatile Solution

NSI Mobile Water Solutions’ range of exchangeable media cylinders, exemplifying deionisation (DI) vessels, is recognised for quick and reliable performance. Specifically designed to address the urgent need for purified water in industrial operations, these cylinders, with a durable stainless-steel body and filled with highly regenerated media, can be delivered on-site within a few hours by a dedicated in-house logistics team. Freshly regenerated vessels are promptly delivered when replacements are needed, ensuring a continuous supply of purified water.

The Exchangeable Cylinder service is a versatile solution, finding application in the retreatment of recycled process water and treatment of generic feed water in various industries. These cylinders prove invaluable in processes such as high-quality metal component rinsing, electroplating, washing systems, printing technology, and glass manufacturing. Engineered to meet stringent requirements for high-quality ultra-pure water, they play a vital role in critical processes such as lab testing chambers and the manufacturing of optical equipment.

One example is the recent supply of ion exchange cylinders to a leading North West hospital. Meeting the customer’s stringent requirements for high-purity water exceeding 10 Mega Ohms, essential for their daily year-round processes, the Mobile Water Solutions’ Exchangeable Cylinders team seamlessly integrated ion exchange cylinders into their infrastructure. Initially using the hospital’s vessels with our regenerated ion exchange resin, a small issue in one vessel led to a quick adjustment. The supply and installation of MWS’ larger, high-flow vessels equipped with ion exchange media played a key role in resolving the problem quickly and ensuring uninterrupted operations. To further streamline their process, the hospital maintains a set of spare vessels at our depot, primed for immediate use. Incorporating highly regenerated new resins not only bolstered their capacity but also guaranteed an enhanced purity level. In addition to our supply, our dedicated technical support stands ready to assist the hospital in tackling any water treatment challenges they might encounter.

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Off-site Regeneration: Cost-effective and Sustainable

NSI Mobile Water Solutions operates a dedicated regeneration facility in Stoke on Trent, UK, focusing on ion exchange resin regeneration. The Exchangeable Cylinder service not only provides an environmental advantage by recycling spent ion exchange resins but also allows the utilisation of exchangeable vessels without the need for industrial site operators to make direct investments. This approach presents a cost-effective and eco-friendly solution, aligning with the increasing emphasis on sustainability across various industries. Additionally, off-site resin regeneration offers plant managers the benefit of reducing on-site chemical handling. The Exchangeable Cylinder rental model promotes environmental sustainability through resin recycling and enables industrial site operators to utilise water treatment solutions without the need for direct investment.

Simplifying Your Water Needs

In conclusion, NSI Mobile Water Solutions’ Exchangeable Cylinder Service provides a reliable, efficient, and sustainable solution for diverse industrial water treatment needs. With its advanced technology, rapid response times, and commitment to robust customer service with traceability options, this service offers a cost-effective approach to high-quality purified water without significant upfront investments. This solution is poised to meet evolving industry demands, making water management more accessible for industrial operators.

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Jordan Tatton

UK Regeneration & Exchange Service Manager

Jordan Tatton is the UK Regeneration & Exchange Service Manager for NSI Mobile Water Solutions. With a comprehensive background as a fully apprenticeship-trained engineer, Jordan holds an HNC in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering.  Jordan has been with the company for nine years, starting off as an Apprentice Maintenance Engineer and progressing to lead the launch of the water treatment cylinder service in 2023.

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