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Clarification to remove particles, suspended solids, organics, oil/grease, heavy metals, and colour from feed water.

ACTIFLO™ assets

Actiflo is a high-flow-rate clarification process using microsand ballasted flocs. It combines coagulation, flocculation and lamella settlement stages in one compact process unit. Features a high degree of operating flexibility, such as rapid start up and shut down and an outstanding capacity to cope with flow and load variations, providing very high settling rates.

ACTIFLO AS 1-B can be configured for flow rates of 25-125 m3/hr dependent on application.

ACTIFLO TURBO can be configured for flow rates of 25-150m3/hr dependent on application. In addition, it can also be used for TOC, pesticides, endocrines, and hardness removal.

Standard Features

    • Assets are mounted within a 40-foot trailer
    • Complete with lighting, heating, and ventilation
    • Fully automated (start-up and shut down) with operator SCADA interface
    • Chemical dosing pumps and day tanks all bunded
    • Single power supply

MODAF 140S is a skid mounted stainless steel DAF for solid / liquid separation. It can be used for the treatment of TSS and Oil and Grease and COD in inlet and outlet waters for industrial and municipal sectors. It pre-designed and packaged making it flexible and efficient to install. The MODAF140S is designed for reliable operation.

All MODAF140S units come with our unrivalled performance guarantee to measure and monitor the quality and quantity of treated water produced to ensure your specification is met at all times.

The MODAF 140S is deployed from our strategically located depots to ensure the optimum speed of response and minimal freight time. 

More Technologies


Deionisation for the removal and reduction of dissolved ions to produce high-quality water using ion exchange resins.



The process of reducing and removing hardness salts from water.



Degassification is the removal or reduction of dissolved oxygen, carbon dioxide, and other gasses from water.



Ultrafiltration provides macro-modular separation to remove colloids, particles, large organics and microbiological contaminates.


Reverse Osmosis

A purification technology that uses a semi-permeable membrane to remove dissolved salts, organic and inorganic molecules and particles from water.



Processes in which solid particles are removed from water by the use of filter media.


Sea Water Desalination

This membrane technology treats high salinity water for the removal of dissolved salts, organics, inorganic molecules and particles.