Mobile Water Solutions provide a range of water treatment technologies. They are pre-packaged on a trailer, skid or container for maximum mobility and responsiveness. Available as standard or modular systems they are pre-engineered with plug and play connections for ease of use.

We offer solutions to a wide range of industrial situations and circumstances.

  • Emergency situations where an existing plant has failed
  • Planned commissioning, refurbishment or maintenance projects
  • Multi-Year requirements for continuous water supply

Job Function

To lead, direct and coordinate the MWS operations within a maintenance, regeneration and distribution facility along with operations at clients locations within France and overseas.

The role will report directly to the European Operations and Technical Director with whom you will work closely with to design and deliver the business strategy.  You will also coordinate with the local sales team to enable priorities to be correctly defined.

Based at the Wissous facility you will ensure MWS goals and objectives are executed in a professional, efficient and timely manner in accordance with defined procedures. As such the role carries responsibility for recording and reporting on QHSE topics.

As MWS operate at a shared location in Wissous location it is required to coordinate with relevant parties to ensure all service level agreements are honoured with a cooperative approach.

Future relocation of the facility will require the role to become involved with site selection and project management of the relocation.

Job Functional Knowledge

  • Good understanding of procedures and concepts within own discipline
  • Job requires a good knowledge and comprehensive understanding of the range of processes, procedures and systems to be used in carrying out assigned tasks and a basic understanding of the underlying concepts & principles upon which the job is based.
  • Assists  in setting goals that promote company growth
  • Lead and oversee the activity of teams both in the field and at the Wissous facility
  • Prepares budgets, schedules, and other organisational reports as needed
  • Provide advice and guidance to other employees
  • Manages team workloads in order to meet goals and deadlines
  • Develops plans to increase efficiency and reduce costs
  • Improves existing systems and policies
  • Ensures customer requirements are met in a timely manner
  • Promotes and enforces safety in the workplace
  • Manages stock and inventory
  • Manage the regeneration process equipment and operators
  • Identifies improvement areas and plans and implements systems to boost MWS effectiveness
  • Manages internal and external service suppliers
  • Executes plans designed to meet company goals by changing policies and coaching employees

Business Expertise –

  • Good understanding of how the team integrates with others in accomplishing the objectives of the area
  • The job requires a good understanding of how the team integrates with other teams in order to achieve overall objectives of the area. This “integration” refers to the way teams coordinate their efforts and resources to achieve shared and individual objectives.
  • Where a job has broad responsibilities, it will need to have business acumen that goes beyond the team. jobs that involve communication and coordination of people and resources across different teams will need to understand the way these complement and support each other


  • Full supervisory responsibilities, contributing to the motivation/development of team through professional leadership.
  • The job has full supervisory responsibility ensuring team members are motivated and capable of delivering a professional service and a high level of performance. Professional leadership includes setting objectives, coaching employees in pursuit of those objectives, appraisal of performance relative to objectives and determination of reward outcomes.

Problem Solving 

  • Evaluates situations using multiple sources of information
  • The job requires good analytical skills as well as evaluative judgement based on the analysis of factual and qualitative information in complicated or novel situations. “Multiple sources of information” refers to a diverse range of internal and external sources such as procedures and practises (in other areas, teams, companies, etc). The complexity implied at this level of problem solving relates to the ability to filter, prioritise, analyse and validate potentially complex and dynamic material.

Nature of Impact

  • Through responsibility for delivery of end results, and contribution to planning, finances/budget and policy development
  • The job has an impact on the business through providing value-added perspectives or advisory services that are important to decision making, or through responsibility for the volume, quality and timeliness of end results. The job has an impact on the business through joint influence over and shared responsibility with more senior management for planning of resources, budgets and policies

Area of Impact

  • Primarily on an area


  • Engineering Degree
  • English Language
  • French Language

Skills and Experience

  • Field staff  management
  • Site/facility management experience
  • Experience of working in a large complex corporate environment
  • Water treatment process knowledge 

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