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Mobile Water Services
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Deliver your EPC project on time, avoiding costly delays and overrun with Mobile Water Solutions

By John Taylor on 8th June 2021

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Time performance, cost saving, quality, and safety are essential to all parties involved in a construction project.  The  construction  process  is however subject too many variables and  unpredictable  factors that could impact on the successful delivery of a project. John Taylor, Business Development, UK discusses how Mobile Water Solutions can support EPC companies to meet their client’s water requirements safely and within the specified cost and timeframe.

The key success indicators of a construction project include its completion within the planned budget and schedule, and within the required quality, safety, and environmental limits. However, a  project  slipping  over  its  planned  schedule does happen.  For  the  owner,  any delay  may mean  loss  of  revenue  through  non availability of  production facilities. For the EPC, if  project costs or schedules exceed their planned targets, client satisfaction would be compromised, which could result in financial penalties, damage to relationships, reputation and even litigation. Thus, completing projects  on  time  is  not only an  indicator  of  efficiency,  but  is also essential to a company’s financial health and reputation. 

The  construction  process  is  subject too many variables  and  unpredictable  factors,  which  come from  many  sources. EPC companies face notably a number of challenges for the supply of treated water for the commissioning and start-up of new facilities or even the continuous operation of existing assets during planned maintenance, and the late life management and decommissioning of a plant. 

Engineering companies can benefit from the rental of mobile assets to ensure contract deadlines are achieved safely without delay. This also gives the engineering company confidence during handover that the quality and quantity of treated water provided by this type of service meets the clients specifications. 

Commissioning on time and within budget

Provision of temporary water treatment is well established and Mobile Water Solutions are well placed to meet the requirements of EPC companies. Mobile water solutions are commonly used during the start-up phase of a new power facility for instance. They can support an increased demand for purified water for applications such as boiler cleans, pipework flushes and steam blowing, which remove construction debris, sand, mill scale, etc., from critical systems, including air cooled condensers or steam turbine lines. This ensures optimal equipment cleanliness, enabling efficient plant operation for daily power generation. Mobile water solutions can be brought on site to purify the water for this process and then removed when the water demand resumes to normal operating levels following the commissioning activities.

A mobile water treatment plant can also be used if there is a delay in the delivery and start-up of the permanent water treatment plant, which could delay the project and incur financial penalties. The mobile water treatment plant can be provided to treat the raw water available and produce the desired quality and quantity for any commissioning needs. This plant could also substitute the permanent water treatment plant to allow the project to go into full scale operations. This may mitigate any delays in meeting your client’s requirements.

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Planned maintenance and turnarounds

EPC companies also need to plan for maintenance of their clients’ existing water systems, and Mobile Water Solutions can be brought in to cover equipment servicing, ensuring that production or business processes can continue and avoiding costly downtime. 

Scheduled turnarounds may involve a total suspension of operational activities. A turnaround that exceeds its timeline or budget can have serious financial consequences, so it is essential that an efficient, reliable water supply is available as needed. In these instances, Mobile Water Solutions can be brought in to support all maintenance and cleaning activities. Mobile water service providers can also bridge a gap for operators with a problematic plant until it can be replaced or repaired or even to bridge a time period if there are variations in feed water supply or quality, as demonstrated by the experience of the service company of one of the world’s leading chemical groups. 

Operators across several industries in Europe have worked with temporary water treatment service providers to provide a flexible longer term solution to tackle the reliability issue around the permanent ageing plant and even extend its potential life cycle. Preventative maintenance and refurbishment of a permanent water treatment plant needs to be carried out more frequently without interrupting the production schedule and not during a planned shutdown. A temporary water treatment system may be deployed to either provide the full replacement or partial part of the various processes during this interim need. Typical applications include resin replacement, pressure vessel maintenance, controls upgrades, reverse osmosis membrane cleaning or replacement, maintenance on chemical dosing equipment and work on waste treatment plants. 

Mobile Water Solutions offers flexible solutions and expertise you need to meet your project requirements within the EPC (engineering, procurement and construction companies). 

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About the author

John Taylor

Business Development Manager UK John has over 30 years experience in water treatment. He has operational experience as an installation and commissioning engineer across a number of industrial sectors as well as capital sales of large bespoke water treatment systems. For nearly a decade, John has been developing mobile water services in the UK for key customers to ensure continued production in an emergency or planned outages.