Reduction of the chloride content in the process and cooling water

The Client’s Needs
Mobile Water Solutions was commissioned with a temporary water treatment in order to reduce the increased chloride values ​​in the process water cycle, which are caused by the bleaching of the pulp in the manufacturing process. This process water is also blended with additional feed water from the nearby river, the treatment of which also provided for removal of the turbidity.

Our Solution
By using 4 mobile activated carbon filters (MOFI 1200 GAC *) with upstream chlorine dosing and a mobile reverse osmosis system (MORO 4×25 T)> 95% of the ions and the turbidity were removed from the water. Product quality: Reduction of the chloride content to <10% of the initial concentration in the permeate. Project duration was 3 months.

The Benefits

  • Operational solutions with flexible rental periods
  • Continuous operation of production guaranteed
  • Quality and performance including security guaranteed 24 hours
  • Start-up meeting on site and 24/7 on-call service incl.