Reliable and long-term rental solution for Refinery

The Client’s Needs
The second-largest oil-processing facility had a need for a stable and reliable Demin water production, in order to compensate issues with their condensate return quality. Repair work was not possible until the next schedule shutdown in 3 year time.
Mobile Water Solutions was contacted to provide the company with a flexible and long term mobile solution for their Summer and Winter operation at Power Plant 1.
Demand: <0.1 µS/cm Conductivity, 50 – 100 m³/h flow

Our Solution
Mobile Water Solutions provided the following main components: 2x Prefiltration MOFI 3×80 + MOFI 12×18, 1x RO trailer MORO 4x25T, 1x Degasser MODA 100, 1x Pumpstation MOPS 170i, 2x Ion exchange trailer MODI 15000T.
With this solution we fulfilled the refinery’s requirements for flexibility, reliability and quality for Demin water, without stopping production during MODI trailer exchanges.
Contract: Multi year contract, 3 years


  • Guaranteed quality and quantity Demin water provided
  • Ongoing 24/7 Operation
  • Ion exchange trailer change without interuption to supply of Demin water production
  • Multi Year contract until Shutdown in 2021
  • Weekly service visits by MWS technicians