Additional water quality required ORION

The Client Needs
Mobile Water Solutions received a request from the client who needed to improve their water quality for a new customer. They were to start supplying new foam for the multinational company during the year.
This company asked our client to use pharmaceutical grade water to wash new foam. The required water quality could not be obtained by their existing installation. Mobile Water Solutions was able to supply such an ultrapure water production system for this process.

Our Solution
Mobile Water Solutions provided a skid mounted OrionTM 4000S, a new validated distribution system consisting of stainless steel pipes, a buffer tank, circulation pumps and pharmaceutical grade hoses to connect customer’s production equipment.

The Benefits

  • Meets USP and Ph Eur purified and highly purified water quality standards
  • Fully in accordance with FDA, cGMP and GAMP requirements
  • Quick implementation from demand to production start Flexible rental according to real needs
  • Fast and timely response speed
  • No capital investment