Mobile demineralisation for short-term peak demand in the power plant

Client’s need
A Brown coal power station in Germany undertook an extensive plant overhaul of one of their power blocks.
To supply the large volume of water needed to restart the block, an additional demineralisation asset was required. The temporarily solution with a flow rate of 450 m³/h was needed for 10 days, to treat boiler feed water with a conductivity of <0.1 µS/cm and silica of <10 ppb.

Our Solution
Mobile Water Solutions met the water demand efficiently and reliably with reverse osmosis assets – installed on four trailers and two containers – pre-treated the feed water to achieve a salinity of less than 5%. This treated water was fed into four mobile tanks with a volume of 70 m³ each. The demineralisation then took place in four trailers that each had two streams of cation, anion and mixed-bed ion exchangers. Multiple pressure boosting stations ensured an optimised operating pressure.

The Benefits

  • The comparatively high flow rate of 450 m³/h achieved.
  • Trained service technicians provided continuous on site support to manage the installation and commissioning of the units, without any disruption to the supply