Increased production – required additional ultrapure water

The Client’s Need
Due to the growing market demand for one of their products, our client needed to increase production on its site in North Rhine-Westphalia. Their current water treatment plant was unable to provide sufficient quantities and quality of water to continue to meet validation standards. This involved preparation of water with values ​​of <0.2μS / cm, TOC <100 ppb, <10 CFU / ml bacteria
Compliance with the USP and Ph Eur recycled standards as well Ultrapure water quality standards

Our Solution
Mobile Water Solutions supplied two Orion 4000S on skid, with a new network of stainless steel pipes, storage tank, booster pumps and pharma-grade flexible hoses to guarantee the supply of water with a flow of 6 m 3 / h. Contract for 5 months.


  • Additional short-term production needs, satisfied without investing capital for the purchase of equipment
  • Quick implementation and operational installation in 2 weeks
  • ‘Pay as you go’ flexible time period