Solution needed in order minimise high salinity

The Client Needs
The company suffers from water scarcity, which results in a higher concentration of minerals in the main water source especially during autumn and winter. Strong currents and high winds also push seawater into the land, contributing to a further increase in salinity.  The factory is equipped with a demineralisation plant comprising four lines that produce 200 m3/h each but the plant started to be insufficient, and the regeneration of the resins was too frequent to produce enough demin water for production needs.

Our Solution
Mobile Water Solutions provided a solution to minimise salinity : two mobile reverse osmosis units MORO4x25T with a pre filtration system, buffer tanks and pump skids to produce 200 m3/h with salt reduction > 95%. MWS team was also provided operations of the system during the whole rental.

The Benefits
The customer was able to work at full capacity without risk caused by the insufficient amount of the demin water during the whole autumn and winter season. They also benefited from Mobile Water Solutions care program.