Long term water treatment plant for a decommissioning project

The Client’s Needs
Generation at a Power Station in the North West ceased and the plant was being decommissioned and it is now being defueled. Nuclear power generation at the site consumed some 910m³ /day of demineralised water but, once generation ceased this reduced to about 26m³ /day. The on-site demineralisation plant was larger than required and costly to maintain, so the client wanted to decommission and remove it. However, they still needed a supply of demineralised water.

Our Solution
Mobile Water Solutions provided a MODI trailer mounted mobile demineralisation plant. This provides ion exchange demineralisation but at the much reduced flow.
When the ion exchange resins become exhausted the MODI trailer is simply returned to Mobile Water Solutions central media regeneration station. This means that there is no requirement for chemicals or for effluent disposal.

The Benefits

  • Cost reduction of 50% compared with operating the on-site plant
  • Allowed early removal of the redundant demineralisation plant.