Emergency solution guarantees continuity of production

The Client Needs
The client has a very old demineralisation plant for their cataphoresis painting workshop. They had to repair a crack in their cationic resins exchanger that could have potentially led to a plant failure at one of their sites. They needed an emergency solution to avoid loss of production.

Our Solution
Registered as a ReAct customer, Mobile Water Solutions provided a MORO 4×25 in double pass <8µS/cm. Our solution provided 12 000m3 of water for a period of two weeks.

The Benefits

  • Registered as a ReAct customer, the client benefited from a rapid response with less than 6 hours between the first call and the arrival of the solution on site.
  • Continuity of production was ensured thanks to Mobile Water Solutions avoiding the client loss of production and money.
  • The presence of our solution on site for a period of two weeks gave the customer peace of mind during the repair of their demineralisation plant.