Degassing solution ensures treated water quality

The Client Needs
Due to maintenance works on the fixed plant deaerator, the client was not able to thermally remove oxygen from demineralised water. Bypassing the deaerator with a Mobile Water Solutions REMOX-50C oxygen was removed using membrane degassing. This bypass resulted made it possible for the client to keep producing.
Demand: O2 <20 ppb, 50 m³/h

Our Solution

  • Mobile Water Solutions provided a containerised REMOX-50C to deliver 50 m³/h of deoxygenated water to meet the demanded quality of the client.
  • A special internal recycle over the feed tank covered fluctuating quantity demands of the client as continuous production on peak flow was possible.
  • The quality demanded was exceeded as <10 ppb O2 during the full production period. Our excellent service resulted in a flawless mobilisation. Contract: 3 weeks in the summer.

The Benefits

  • Fully operational system which meets and exceeds quality demand
  • Solution able to provide a flexible capacity
  • Deoxygenated demineralised water was produced to keep production possible with suitable quality of water