Demineralised low oxygen water for district heating, in Netherlands.

The Client Needs
Mobile Water Solutions received an enquiry from a district heating power generator, in the Benelux, to fill a heat storage facility located at their plant in Rotterdam, with 14,000 m³ of high purity water free of dissolved oxygen.
The water was treated to comply with the Dutch guidelines for district heating – DNV KEMA*, along with the European Standard for boiler water VGB-R450L (specification of EGV<0,1 µS/cm and O2 < 20ppb).

Our Solution
By combining Mobile Water Solutions REMOX, MORO and a MODI technologies the customers requirements could not only be met but exceeded:

  • REMOX-100C: Mobile oxygen removal system to remove any oxygen from the de-ionised water down to <20 ppb O2
  • MORO-60T: Mobile Reverse Osmosis trailer providing >95% rejection of ions from the town mains feed water
  • MODI-15000T: Mobile De Ionisation trailer to further reduce the ion content, providing a conductivity of <0.1 µS/cm

The Benefits

  • A continuous supply of 60m3 /h < 10ppb O2.
  • Required volume is met enabling E.ON to meet it’s deadline to end-users.
  • Quality: Stringent process control by Mobile Water Solutions ensures high quality of deoxygenated water.