District heating tank filling project

The Client’s Need
For the utility company, the 40,000 m3 water storage tank was an important part of the overall concept for future district heating in the region. In conjunction with the boiler that had already been put into operation, excess electricity from the network can be used to heat water in the boiler and temporarily store it in the heat store. The water is heated to 115 degrees and stored in the storage tank and released with a time delay. With the hot water stored in the heat store, depending on the outside temperature, the supply of over 70,000 district heating customers in the area can be guaranteed for up to eight hours. Even at maximum output. the engineering company was not able to completely fill the heat store within the required 6 week period.

The Solution
The mobile water treatment unit was in use at the site for about 6 weeks and could provide the necessary capacity to fill the new tank.

  • MORO 4x 25T (in double pass): reverse osmosis on a mobile trailer, reduces the salinity of the city water by approx.> 97%
  • REMOX 50 C: Mobile degassing to reduce the undissolved oxygen from the permeate to <20ppb O2
  • MOPS 170i: pressure increase to pump the treated water into the district heat storage (> 60m)

The Benefits
Process capacity, quality, punctuality as well as the targeted cost framework were able to be completely satisfied due to the continuous operation of the mobile water treatment unit from Mobile Water Solutions of the client can be successfully implemented.