The MOTK 24C is a mobile 20ft containerised tank. Offering a small footprint and modular design to meet your requirements in a flexible, fast and efficient manner.  All MOTK 24Cs come with our unrivalled performance guarantee to ensure your specifications are met at all times.

Our MOTK 24C comes complete with connection kits for both the feed, treated water and drain lines. This reduces the time to commission the system and any logistics time to procure these necessary accessories.

The MOTK 24C is designed for simple and reliable operation. ​A ‘Plug and Play’ solution, simply connect to your feed water source and receive treated water in an instant at the outlet in a fast and effective way.

Performance Specification

  • Up to 24m³ capacity
  • Pressure valve up to 4 bar (at 25°C)
  • Flexible level control
  • Automatic filling control
  • Visual level indicator
  • Isolation valves