The MOPSI55 (pump skid): simple and reliable operation.

The NEW MOPSI55 is a duplex skid mounted pump system which is supplied complete with associated pipe work and valves, instruments and control panel. Each pump is installed with its own dedicated variable frequency drive to ensure optimal and efficient pressure and flow control to meet a variety of applications.

The MOPSI55 is designed for simple and reliable operation. A ‘Plug and Play’ solution, which may be used as part of either a pre-treatment package to boost water supplies or part of the final delivery system to provide treated water to your application. Provided as a duplex system this design minimises downtime and operational risk.

All MOPSI55 come with our unrivalled performance guarantee to deliver the required volumes of water to ensure your specification is met at all times.

Performance Specification

  • Up to 55m³/hr at 3-5 bar water delivery
  • Minimum 5m³/hr
  • Inside or external operation
  •  Low feed water protection
  • Automatic control
  • Duty/standby or duty/duty operation
  • Control via outlet pressure or motor speed