The MODAF 140S is a skid mounted stainless steel DAF for solid / liquid separation. It can be used for the treatment of TSS and Oil and Grease and COD in inlet and outlet waters for industrial and municipal sectors. It pre-designed and packaged making it flexible and efficient to install. The MODAF140S is designed for reliable operation. 

All MODAF140S units come with our unrivalled performance guarantee to measure and monitor the quality and quantity of treated water produced to ensure your specification is met at all times.

On call 24/7, 365 days per year Mobile Water Solutions can respond to your water treatment requirements. The MODAF 140S is deployed from our strategically located depots to ensure the optimum speed of response and minimal freight time.

Performance Specification

• Up to 280 m3/hr flow rates
• >90% removal of BOD/TOC*
• >95% removal of P,Oil and Grease, Algae*
*dependent on feedwater levels